July 20, 2021
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Today I am extremely excited to announce our newest class offering: Anchor. This class will be running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am. The definition of an Anchor - a person or thing that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation - is exactly the objective of this new class program: to instill stability and confidence in it's participant's independence as they begin the later stages of life.

This class is designed for women in the 50-60 year range who need to build strength and restore body function. Features of the program will include low-intensity exercise with a focus on strength building for longevity and bone health. Class will also include stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion, and will prioritize critical functional movement - squats, lunges, presses - the necessary movements to maintain independence throughout retirement and the later stages of life. We will primarily focus on movements using body weight, light Kettlebells, Dumbbells and other various equipment. This class will not utilize barbells and will not have a significant cardio focus; as we have other classes designed for those two things.

Participants will find that the primary benefits they receive from attending will include: improved mobility throughout the course of their daily life; increased muscle and increased bone strength; and most importantly, increased strength in the arms, legs, back and core. As individuals age, the most important factor in their independence is strength and function of their body. That is exactly our mission in Anchor. The workouts will be designed to give you the strength work you need to stay strong and independent as long as possible.

There are a few different membership options available to attend Anchor, and they are as follows:

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