Exercise Vs Training

July 20, 2021
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These week on Hey Health Matters, Jason and Pete discuss the difference between exercise and training. What do you think of when you hear the two?

Typically, exercise is associated with punishment or something that we "have to do" to make sure we don't gain weight. There isn't any meaning to it other than to sweat and burn calories.

Training on the other hand, is all about working towards something specific. Maybe its a specific event or goal - something that gives your daily workouts meaning and intention. You aren't going to the gym to punish yourself, but to make progress.

Now, sometimes we need exercise. Sometimes we need to just shut our mind off and have a good sweat. But you'll never find the motivation or desire to make consistent habits if you are only exercising. When you start training for something specific, the event or goal itself provides motivation, excitement and direction.

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