Habit Change vs Identity Shift

Jason Yule
November 26, 2021
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When it comes to making a health transformation, it all boils down to the habits and actions that we repeat on a daily basis.

As the saying goes, you are the sum of the actions and habits you make on a daily basis.

So, to transform our health and our bodies, we need to transform our habits.

When a new person comes in and starts with me, I explain that we all have a very specific set of actions and habits that have lead us to our current health/fitness level. So to become the person they want to become is, all we need to do is change those habits.

At the end of the day, we know what actions and habits the healthy, in shape person does on a daily basis. So our goal is to facilitate habit change over time.

This is very effective in the short term. However, even if someone has a ton of success with their health transformation, it DOES NOT guarantee that it will be a long term fix.

To get long-term results, we need to fix our long-term mental framework. And that has to do with what your mind says about the person you are.

If any part of your mind is holding on to the person you were before, chances are you are going to revert right back to that unhealthy, out of shape person.

For example, if you drink and eat junk after work or on the weekends, or you never prioritize meal planning and live in the drive through, you won't eliminate these behaviors for good until you make the mental shift that you are not that person any more.

In order for true, long-term success, you need to redefine who you are in your own mind.

You need to convince yourself that you are now a healthy person, who does what healthy people do. Who eats healthy foods and is active, and has a workout routine. Who plans their meals and goes grocery shopping so that they aren't unprepared when they are hungry.

Because habit change only works in the short term. But once your identity has changed, the habits just fall in line right where they are supposed to be.

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