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Jason Yule
November 26, 2021
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Some might be wondering why we developed the Harbor Park Voyage.

Our main motivation all boils down to client success, and more accurately, lack of success.

For a long time, we told prospects that if they joined our workout program, they would lose weight and get in great shape. And we thoroughly believed that - we wouldn't have told them that if we didn't!

However, the actual facts were that for most people it just wasn't true.  We had to swallow our pride a bit to understand why.

When we actually looked at what was happening, this is what we found: someone would join with the goal of losing 15-30 pounds. We told them, great! Just come to class 4 or 5 times per week and start eating better. The weight will fall off. The new member would actually get in better shape and start building muscle, but we were still missing the mark.

In reality, most individuals didn't lose the weight they were expecting to, and some even put weight on as they built muscle mass. Because of this, they were not happy with the lack of progress with their body weight, so understandably they'd quit.

What we came to realize is that what we were telling them was advice for teenagers and young adults. The majority of our clients, especially in the situation I described above, are parents and professionals - who's lives, and health - are way more complicated.

This was our main motivation in digging deeper: we wanted to figure out what the most basic factors that our typical members are struggling with. The things that will actually move the needle in helping them achieve their goals of losing weight and getting healthier. This lead us to our understanding of Phase 1 of the Harbor Park Voyage, which is Foundations.

These are the most basic set of health habits that individuals need to focus on to move the needle with their weight and their health. Here are those habits:

The reason that these 5 factors are so important is because when they are unchecked, they wreak havoc internally. They throw off our bodies hormonal balance, which makes us feel crummy, makes us bloat and feel chubby, makes us gain weight and more importantly, prevents us from losing weight.

By addressing these 5 basic habit groups, we are able to start to fix the things going on inside. Once the body is functioning properly, all of the progress that you have been expecting starts to happen - your body starts to feel better, and the weight loss begins.

So how does this relate to you? If your main goal is to lose weight and to feel better, then we need to start at the Foundation. Will exercise help? Of course it will. But these habits are what will ultimately determine if you are going to be making the progress that you want when it comes to your body weight.

And again, if you are not happy with the progress you've had, it is because something is missing within those 5 basic habit groups that need to be addressed.

Your foundation is faulty.

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