Motivation Matters

Jason Yule
November 26, 2021
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When you are unhealthy and unhappy, you are motivated by the fear of illness.

When you are injured or impaired, you are motivated by the fear of immobility.

But what motivates you once you get past those issues? Once you fix your health and your functionality issues?

At first, the motivation comes from starting a new program, especially one like CrossFit or Bootcamp. You have new challenges to take on, a new surrounding and new community of individuals.

But, there will be a time when that newness wares off. When that excitement fades and now all that is left is the routine.

What keeps you motivated? What keeps you pushing forward?

One of the best ways to create intrinsic motivation is to commit to a big challenge - and I'm going to shamelessly roll this into a plug for our new achievement board.

In order to help create motivation and to create a sense of meaning for our training, we are going to start identifying various events that we can use to challenge ourselves.

This year they are: the CrossFit Open, the Wisconsin Marathon, the 1 Ton Challenge, and the Turkey Trot.

The cool thing about these events is that they are attainable for any fitness level - there are options, such as the Wisconsin Marathon's 5k Run/walk, or the Turkey Trot's 2K Run/walk, that anyone can do.

The cool thing is, once you make a commitment to an event, your training automatically gets turned up a notch. The last thing you want to do is be unprepared for your event. So every training session is meaningful and gives you something to look forward to.

If you feel like your training has stalled a bit, or you just don't have that same push that you use to, identify a challenge that you want to take on. Commit to it, and then ask coach to help you prepare for it.

Watch that motivation come right back and push you each and every session.

Then, after you conquer your challenge, we'll celebrate and set our targets on a new challenge!

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