Our Approach to CrossFit, Health and Wellness

July 20, 2021
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In a recent blog post I talked about the different styles of CrossFit gyms that are starting to pop up. There are general ones that try to cater to everyone, there are competitor focused gyms, there are even youth/sport focused gyms. Today I want to talk about our approach and how we fit into the evolving landscape of CrossFit and health and wellness as a whole.

When it comes to how we do things, we have three values that we strive to live by - Healthy, Happy and Community. When it comes to our training, our classes, our gym atmosphere - we operate in accordance to these values. I'll try to explain a bit:

Healthy - this is ultimately what we come to the gym for; our goal is to become more healthy for the long term. The key there is for the long term. By prioritizing longevity, that means we are a little less concerned with packing each individual day full of work. We want to do just enough to improve, but not so much that we are going to be risking injury or getting too sore that we can't come back tomorrow. We incorporate some strength training because building and maintaining muscle mass is crucial for our longevity and being self-sufficient in our later years. We prioritize cardio and high intensity because that is the single most effective way to reduce risk of heart related disease.

Happy - happy is how we want to do things. This may seem corny to some but there is a significant correlation between positive mindset, happiness, and results. For the majority of people, if you aren't happy and aren't enjoying your training, you aren't going to stick to it very long. I used to run for sport and I remember being so miserable training for a marathon that I just couldn't do it any more. That is actually what prompted me to try CrossFit, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and workout so much that I couldn't stop. We want people to enjoy what they are doing so that they can do it for a long time.

Community - community is the secret sauce to being successful. Countless studies have proven that the more people you have in your corner supporting you and holding you accountable, the more likely you are to succeed. For that reason, community is incredibly important to us. Half the battle of exercise is just motivating yourself to go to the gym, and when you are welcomed by a group of people who truly care about you and your success it makes it so much easier. But more importantly, when your motivation wears off and the discipline isn't as strong as it should be, you have your gym buddies to keep you accountable. How can you fail when you have that strong of a support system?

When you look at these three values together, they all kind of play off one another. That is what makes Harbor Park Health and Fitness such a special place and why we've had so many success stories. Our training is smart and is focused on long-term health, we do things positively and with a can do attitude, and we have a community of people behind us that will support us every step of the way.

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