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July 20, 2021
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In our second edition of our main offerings, I introduce to you Personal Training. Personal Training is the Rolls Royce of our services - each Personal Training program is designed specifically for each client with their unique needs and wants in mind. Each client works one on one (or two-on-one if it's a personal training group) with their trainer, so the trainer spends a lot of time understanding the clients strengths, weakness, stumbling blocks, habits, etc. While the majority of our Personal Training program is accomplished in the gym, our Personal Trainers truly try to help their clients in every aspect of health and wellness - physical, diet, stress, etc.

Personal Training is a luxury for some clients, but necessity for others. If a client comes to us without a certain baseline of physical competency, or if they have any significant injury or other limitation, Personal Training is a requirement before that client can go into a group style class. The reason for this is two-fold. First, we need to be sure that each client has enough physical capacity to succeed in a given class workout. We can't let someone in a Bootcamp or CrossFit class if they can't accomplish simple movements like lunges or squats. Second, we need to insure that there are no complicating factors putting the client at risk. Through our Personal Training programs we are able to work with our in-house Physical Therapist to create a program to rehabilitate and potentially cure whatever physical ailment is holding the client back.

However, there are some individuals who just prefer the one-on-one nature of Physical Therapy, and for a few different reasons. There is a lot more accountability - when you schedule a specific time to meet with your personal trainer it is much harder to back out or cancel your session. There is much more personalization - as already mentioned, when you work one-on-one with a trainer for an extended period of time, they get to know you. They get to know what makes you tick, what makes you shut down, where your weaknesses are, and what your priorities are. A Personal Trainer can help lead you to health and fitness faster than a group coach can because of this personal attention. Finally, it's at the client's convenience - the entire session is built around the client, the clients preferred workout time, and the client's schedule.

Of course, with the amount of specification for each client, Personal Training does turn out to be most costly service in the gym. Because of that we recommend Personal Training as a starting point. We don't think it's something that is needed for the long-term unless a client just really enjoys it. With most clients we use Personal Training as a stepping stone so that they can build up the physical capacity to succeed in our group classes. Once that is accomplished, the client can then decide to convert to a group membership, or continue with a hybrid membership of PT and Group Classes.

In summary, Personal Training is THE option for anyone who needs extra attention or has very specific needs. We are able to address limitations directly and provide the most direct program as possible, which means we get the best results, as fast as possible.

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