PSA: Don't Lose Track of Your Goals

July 20, 2021
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Yesterday morning I posted a short instagram video talking about the importance of remembering our goals and still working towards them amidst the craziness of our current world. Today I just wanted to write a quick post and get a little bit deeper.

There are two ways you can treat your social distancing. You can treat it as a vacation and relax or you can operate business as usual and stay focused on your goals. I'll be the first to tell you that it will be VERY tempting to go into vacation mode and once that happens it turns into a downward spiral quick. Because here's the thing - once you break one habit, it's easy to break the next, and the next. Think about it: instead of waking up you decide to sleep in. Now you missed your morning routine and you are already at a disadvantage. Instead of opting for your normal, healthy breakfast, you decide to splurge (why not, I already slept in). And then it starts to snowball. Instead of being productive, you sit down on the couch and watch TV. Next thing you know it's already the evening so you just order take out.

INSTEAD you can stick to your habits. Still get up when your alarm goes off. Still follow your normal routines. Stick to those healthy meal options. What you'll find is that you are going to have a lot more down time. Instead of wasting it with Netflix reruns you will be motivated to fill it with productive uses, such as reading or journaling, or maybe you'll start a project you've been putting off. And of course, make time to exercise still! Sure you wont get the same workout as you would here at the gym, but you can still get a very effective workout in your living room.

When this is all said and done and things go back to normal, things are going to be behind. We are going to have to pick up the pieces, whether that's at work, with your kids, with their schooling, or with any of your extra curriculars. Of course we aren't going to progress during this down time. But that doesn't mean we should let our personal health and wellness slide either. We will have to return to normal life at some point, and I know for sure that I do not want to have to put back together my health, habits, or my fitness IN ADDITION to everything that is going to fall behind. Do what you can to come out of this thing in a position to be successful! Not behind!

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