Sweat & Sip

July 20, 2021
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Previously known as "WOD and WINE", and back by popular demand, we are excited to bring you Sweat & Sip! Come prepared to sweat with the reward of a tasty drink afterwards!

Remember that old joke where you wished there was a bar named "gym" so you could tell everyone you were going to the "gym" to have a drink?

Well, we're pretty pumped to make it a reality! Come join us on Saturday February 20th at 6pm on the new Health side at Harbor Park Health and Fitness, where we'll be debuting our new smoothie bar - but on this evening we'll be enjoying some adult beverages at it!

The evening will look like this: plan on sweating with a Bootcamp 30 class, that's a 30-minute high-intensity Boot camp class, and then we'll finish it up with a 30 minutes Pilates class. After we're done working out we'll cool down and hang out with a little happy our at our new bar - bring your favorite light beverages. We'll plan on providing some light snacks.

This might sound familiar to some, this used to be our WOD and WINE event, so if you remember how much it was be sure to make your way over on the 20th. It is always promising for a good time. Come spend the evening with us and enjoy yourself. A good sweat, a good drink, and of-course good company. We hope to see you there! 

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