Weight Loss for Skeptics

July 20, 2021
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On episode 3 of Hey Health Matters, Pete and I went over how to lose weight for even the biggest skeptics. We get it, weight loss is hard. There is so much information at our fingertips, so many programs to try. So many challenges or new fads. But that's the thing, most of these things are just that - fads.

The reason the quick fixes don't work is because they aren't set up to. Sure you might lose a few pounds or see some changes, but the challenge isn't sustainable and as soon as it overs you revert back to your previous habits.

So today Pete and I go over 4 key factors in making long lasting, SUSTAINABLE change:

  1. Identity - do you treat yourself like the person you want to be?
  2. Environment - do you set yourself up for failure or success?
  3. Nutrition - do you feed yourself quality food?
  4. Exercise - do you do any sort of physical activity?

Give the episode a listen as we dig deep into all 4 of these and give you some actionable steps that you can apply TODAY to start making real change in your life!

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