What is CrossFit?

July 20, 2021
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At this point there are 3 main camps of people as it relates to CrossFit - either they've tried CrossFit and love it, they tried CrossFit and it wasn't for them, or they've heard of CrossFit but just haven't given it a shot yet. But CrossFit has been around for long enough that there aren't that many people who don't know what CrossFit is.

On the surface, most know what CrossFit is or at least have an idea. It's really intense workouts. It's heavy weights and "functional movements." Some think of it as a sort of cult that is obsessed with working out. At the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that CrossFit is the best way to get you in shape, period. And that's why people are so passionate about it, when something can impact your life so quickly and so powerfully, it becomes very important to you.

But just like everything in life, CrossFit is evolving. There are different styles of CrossFit. There are different ways to do it and different beliefs. It's kind of like religion - on its surface, religion is just a belief in a higher power. But there are hundreds if not thousands of different religions. There are different branches or beliefs within the same religion. There are religions that are totally similar and some totally different. And then there are some super extreme religions and some just bizarre. How can something so fundamentally simple - believing in a higher power - have so many different belief variations? It's because different people think their way is the best. When we think about health and wellness, we need to think about it in that same context - CrossFit is like a religion, and we are starting to see different beliefs surface within CrossFit itself.

What we are learning is that there is no one best way to get someone in shape. Some CrossFit gyms find success being super serious, down to business. Some are more light hearted and fun. Some gyms are competitor focused and some are general health and wellness focused. Some like to put a lot of emphasis on nutrition and some think the workouts are all that matter. The truth is that none of these things are right or wrong, and they are actually a good thing for the future of CrossFit. As CrossFit continues to evolve, specific gyms will figure out what exactly their focus is, and that will be their identity. For someone looking for a CrossFit gym, it will be much easier to find the ideal fit - if they want to compete in the Sport of CrossFit, there will be a gym for that. If they are a bit older and are more concerned with exercising for longevity, there will be a gym for that.

The real trick will be to understand what YOU are looking for - what your needs are and what your goals are, and then finding the best fit for you. Over the next couple of posts my goal is to help define Harbor Park Health and Fitness and how we will fit into this evolving landscape. I'll talk about our beliefs, our philosophies, and what we are after when it comes to getting our community healthy and in shape.

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