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July 20, 2021
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Today I wanted to take a bit of time to cover something that's been on my mind a lot lately. It's about how we start to take ownership of our health as a society, as a nation, as a community, as an individual. The past year highlighted one very important thing, and that is that we are too unhealthy. Why? How come we are the most unhealthy nation on Earth? For as great as America is, why do we have the highest rate of obesity per capita? Why? Why can't we figure it out? Why can't we fix it?

And so my mind wonders. Do we just not care enough? Are we okay with living life unhealthy? Or do most just not know better? Do people not realize that living healthy is not only important but will allow you to enjoy your life better? When you are healthy you have more energy to do things, you tend to be in a better mood, and you look and feel better. So what's the disconnect?

Or are people trying to live better and just failing at it? Maybe they have all the intention in the world to change, but can't find the success they are looking for. Maybe they can't figure out the right workout program, or don't have the guidance they need. Maybe they are getting confused by all of the social media influencers who are trying to evangelize what worked for them.

Or does it just come down to our modern way of living - we've eliminated the need to be patient for just about everything. We can hire someone to drive us around, we can hire someone to bring us food, we can hire someone to do whatever we need, all at the tip of our fingers. Our instant gratification lifestyle has us staring at the most dangerous precipice in modern history.

So these issues are what have been on my mind. More specifically, how do we combat them. How do we get people to realize that they need to get healthy? The welfare of our entire society counts on it (so that a single virus doesn't decimate us), but more than that, living healthy is just so much better than living unhealthily. For the people who do realize this, but just haven't been able to figure it out, how do we get them to continue the good fight? How do we keep them motivated to keep trying and keep searching? Most importantly, how do we get through this instant gratification lifestyle - because healthy CANNOT happen instantly. As a matter of fact it is one of the few things that literally can only improve over time, through consistent effort.

I really don't have the answers here. I have ideas, but no answers. If you have ideas, let's talk. I don't think these issues can be solved by one mind or one person. We need to work together to figure out the answer. If anything I said resonated with you, then let's put our brains together!

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