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July 20, 2021
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If you've been listening to the gym's podcast, you may have heard Pete and I talk a lot about the current state of the health of our country. We've gone into subjects such as why America is so unhealthy, why there is such a big push for big Pharma in our country, why we aren't told to emphasize a healthy lifestyle.

All of these things combined culminate into a big overarching theme in my life and what is currently on my mind: How to do we change the narrative. How do we get people to wake up and to understand that our biggest threat isn't a virus, or the energy grid, or terrorism, but its as simple as what we are putting into our bodies.

The rate of obesity in America is the highest in the world. 7 out of 10 adults are diagnosed with obesity or other chronic diseases. The next generation is on track to be worse.

You may be wondering why this bothers me. For starters, I have dedicated my life to help people turn their lives around. To become the healthiest versions of themselves as possible. As a professional in this area I see first hand how desperately people need to make life-altering change. I see how crucial it is - life or death for some - to get their activity and their diet under control.

So when someone has a blatant disregard for their wellbeing, it's frustrating because I know how hard some are working for it. And I want more to battle like their lives depend on it, because for many, their life and longevity depend on it.

But furthermore, our society depends on it. Make no mistake about it, the COVID-19 pandemic is proof that there is significant risk as it relates to the health of a nation. Why are some nations seemingly unharmed by the pandemic? What are their hospital and death rates so low? Why are some nations the complete opposite with hospitals over capacity and death rates factors above the rest? It's all about the health of the nation.

The societies with the least amount of hospitalizations and deaths? These are also the societies with the lowest amount of obesity and chronic disease. Why does America lead in death per capita? Because America is also the leader in Obesity and Chronic Disease per capita.

When the majority of people in a society are unhealthy, it directly impacts EVERYONE in the society. The burden on the healthcare system is higher. The dollars spent in the healthcare system are higher meaning the insurance costs are higher. Its scary so the media perpetuates the cycle.

What if everyone in America was healthy? If the hospital systems were operating well below capacity? People didn't need drugs except in emergency so insurance costs are way cheaper?

I don't know about you, but the thought of the second America is the one I want to live in. One where being healthy and living healthily is the norm. Where you're expected to be a contributor to our Healthcare system, not a burden. That's my goal. That's my mission.

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