What’s the Deal - COVID’s Real 6% Death Rate?

July 20, 2021
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If you’ve been online at all over the past few days then you may have seen that the CDC pushed some updated numbers - that about 6% of the approximately 180,000 US Deaths resulted from COVID alone. In other words, COVID is purely responsible for about 10,000 US Deaths. With 6,000,000 US reported cases of COVID, that means, absent of any other underlying condition, you have a 99.83% chance of survival. In comparison, you have a 99.03% chance of survival each time you drive your car. So, for healthy individuals, driving your car is more risky than COVID.

But it is important to realize that the factors I just broke down are for healthy individuals only. We cannot discount the remaining 94% of deaths - that is 170,000 deaths, which is a significant number. Unfortunately I am seeing a lot of people proclaim that COVID has a 6% death rate, totally ignoring the fact that 170,000 fellow Americans have lost their lives to this virus. What we must do is recognize all of the facts, and derive possible solutions from the information we have.

The important thing to realize about the other 170,000 deaths is that they come from individuals who had a complicating factor (also known as a comorbidity) such as COPD, Obesity or other serious heart conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, etc; or they come from individuals who were in extreme age. What we have to understand as Americans is that a large percentage of our population has one (or more) of these complicating factors, which means a large percentage of our populations is in the higher risk category for COVID. In a 2019 article published by the American College of Cardiology, they estimated that nearly 121 Million adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. That means literally 48% of our nation is at higher risk of COVID. If you are in the higher risk category, your chance of survival drops to 97.17%, which is still pretty high, but keep in mind that is a generalization - the worse your complicating condition is, or the more complicating conditions you have, the more your survival rate would drop.

So what do I make out of all of this? Well, first off, I’m talking numbers here. It’s very easy to say we all have a very good chance of survival so we should just go back to living our normal everyday life. The fact of the matter is that people we loved have died because of COVID, and when you put it in terms of human lifes that are being lost, it’s easier to understand why people are taking this so seriously. But more importantly, we need to address the root cause of the issue here and that is the fact that 48% of our nation is living with heart disease, which in turn is making COVID such a big deal.

If you look at countries who have survived COVID and have moved on, it’s not because they all wore a mask or because they did the best job of social distancing. The fact of the matter is that the countries that beat COVID are the countries with the healthiest populations. They are the nations with the lowest obesity rates and lowest populations of heart disease. They are healthy countries, so those countries had a 99.83% chance of coming out with relatively little loss.

But not us. Not America. We continue to be a slave to COVID and to COVID policies & procedures because we are the most unhealthy nation on Earth. What's most disheartening to me is that all we ever see is how to play defense against COVID. Stay inside and wear a mask. That's great, and for some people it makes sense to play defense. But why are we not being told to play offense against the disease? Why isn't anyone saying get healthy? Why aren't they telling us that most of us can get into the 99.83% chance of survival if we just get healthy?

So that’s what I see when I look at the most recent COVID numbers. I see a nation that needs to get serious about the real disease - heart disease. But guess what? There is hope, because we can fight heart disease. You can fight heart disease! All you need to do is to change some habits. Clean up your diet and start exercising. Put down the soda and get off the couch. Get proactive about your health. Stop being defensive and start taking action.

If you're reading this and thinking, "Yeah that's great, I'd love to start getting healthy, but where on Earth do I begin?" Here are three easy steps that you can implement TODAY, without even talking to another human. You can even do these fully masked up and in isolation!

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