What's to Come?

July 20, 2021
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Over the past few weeks we introduced our new business plan and took a deep dive into why we decided to change things up. Now it’s time to look at what it will actually look like once things are fully up and running.

The Health side of the business will be focused on rejuvenation - building the body from the inside out - and will be designed for a few specific intentions. 

First are for those who need to make a change, the ones who know they need to start their health and wellness journey, but don’t know where to start. We knew we needed to offer some options that are low barrier to entry and that anyone could do. For these people, we have our high-intensity, low skill Bootcamp class as well as our private Personal Training service. Bootcamp classes are 30 minutes long, but you will be sweating hard and out of breath the whole time. We don’t have any complicated movements either, so it’s super easy to get started. Private PT is for anyone who’s physical state has gotten to the point where they struggle with even the most basic movements, anyone who just doesn’t like working out in groups, or anyone who needs the added accountability of a Personal Trainer. Your Personal Training program is designed 100% specifically for you and your needs/goals.

We also knew we needed to offer some services for those in need of fixing. Maybe it’s a shoulder, a knee, or your back - we want to be able to help people go from injured to full-function. Our Physical Therapy service will obviously be a big component here, but we also have classes like Yoga and Pilates that help with things like stretching, strengthening the core, and teaching the mind-body connection. Oftentimes, things like back injuries stick around not because they are truly injured, but because we don’t use our bodies properly. By learning how to use it the right way, these issues go away quickly.

Lastly, we wanted to provide a fun and exciting alternative for the people who just need something a little different. If you are sick of your same old cardio routine or the same routine group class over and over, our Health classes are guaranteed to get you excited about working out again. Our Bootcamp, Pilates and Yoga classes are different every time and are designed to challenge you in a different way every class. You won’t be getting bored anymore!

The Fitness side of the business will be focused on pushing your limits. Like the Health side, we designed the Fitness classes and services for a few specific intentions. 

The first intention is to push your overall fitness to the next level. Whether you are an athlete playing a sport, a tri-athlete, or just someone who likes to test their limits, our Fitness program is guaranteed to take anyone to their absolute best. There is no doubt about it, you will be in the best shape of your life if you commit to the program. We combine weightlifting movements, gymnastics movements, calisthenics, and more to create an ever changing program that promises to keep you guessing and excited for more. 

We also want to help those who want to increase their strength but not necessarily their overall fitness. For these individuals, we will have a Weightlifting Club that focuses primarily on increasing strength and power. This could be for athletes in a sport like Football or Basketball, athletes looking to compete in weightlifting competitions, or anyone who just enjoys playing with a barbell.

Lastly, we want to offer a service for teams to come and train together. Whether it is a sports team, a corporate team, or any other team you may be part of, there are numerous benefits in training together. The most obvious one is the increased general fitness of those participating, but there are also synergistic benefits such as team bonding, improved communication, and the opportunity for the team to spend time together outside of it’s typical setting. It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant staff or a volleyball team, working out in a group setting together is guaranteed to make your team perform better.

Regarding the membership and pricing breakdown, here is an overview.

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