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Dustin Ade

Manager of Fitness Operations


Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer Certification

About Coach

I come from not having much of anything the biggest thing I have learned is to take personal responsibility for your choices and actions and these things will change your life for good or for bad. I dabbled in really whatever sports I could growing up nothing official all backyard sports. Football, gymnastics on the playground adventuring in the woods, and seeing who could pick up the heaviest rock or log.

Turning Point

The biggest turning point I have had in my life isn’t the age of 20. When I woke up after 18 hours from chugging a load of alcohol and seeing and talking to my brother and the sheer disappointment from him. Then and there I made a conscious choice to never disappoint him again. There were a lot of factors that led to the situation in the first place but it ultimately led me to take my fate into my own hands and forcing it into something other than what “should’ve happened” in my circumstances. These choices ultimately led me to find stoicism and I have been practicing these behaviors and choices ever since.

Motivation & Passion

I always believed I was put on this earth to improve other people’s lives through service. Coaching me is the ultimate form of this I see people an hour a day and I can plant new seeds of thought, and confidence in them, and nurture these new thoughts until the person fully adopts them. Changing their lives for the better physically or mentally often is both. I really enjoy people seeing and realizing their full potential once the limits they put on themselves are removed.

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