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Nicole Yule

Manager of Health Operations


Primal Health Coach

Precision Nutrition L1 Certification

About Coach

Fitness and exercise have always been a big part of my life. I started gymnastics at the age of 2, started competing at 7, qualified for the Junior Olympic National Championships several years, and competed for the University of Florida for 4 years and then was a part of the first-ever National Championship winning team in 2013. After I completed my gymnastics career, I entered my doctorate of physical therapy program at the Ohio State University and felt a bit lost in my fitness journey. That is when I found CrossFit! I turned to CrossFit as my competitive outlet. I competed in this sport for a couple of years prior to moving to Wisconsin and joining Harbor Park Health and Fitness. My love for fitness, health, knowledge of the human body, and passion for overall human wellness has led me to a career in coaching, personal training, health coaching, and nutrition coaching!

Turning Point

We all have struggles and points in our life when we have to decide which road to take to ultimately live to be the best version of myself. One of the significant turning points in my health and fitness journey came in college when I was supposed to be at the peak of my athletic career. The outside and internal pressure of performing, being at my best every week, and being in my ultimate physical shape became too much and I developed an unhealthy relationship with exercise and food. It became something I let control me and take over my thoughts and actions. It was at this point that I made a commitment to learning as much as I could about the human body and how to ultimately use food and movement to fuel and optimize the human body, using myself as a guinea pig! I look back on these struggles with pride because I took something that could have led me down a dark and scary path and used it to better my future and truly guide my path to helping others become the best versions of themselves!

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching comes from a strong desire to help as many people as possible optimize their health and wellness. I love to help people who think it is impossible for them to get on the right path find that peace of knowing they are doing their best to put their health the priority. This includes parents who have forgotten to prioritize themselves, busy professionals whose careers have always come first, people in chronic pain who think exercise and movement are so far out of their reality because of how their body feels, and individuals battling obesity who don’t know where to start. Seeing my clients realize they are making progress and seeing their change in outlook on their health and wellness journey is one of my favorite things. I am motivated and eager to be there as a source of knowledge, a coach, a leader, and a shoulder of support for my clients on their journey to reach their health and wellness goals!

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