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Sherry Wirth

Coach - Pilates/Mobility

Thrilled that living a healthy lifestyle is no longer something I see as work!

Using fitness to manage my anxiety and stress level!


NETA Mat Pilates Certified

About Coach

All my life I was that person who would join a regular gym and have big plans about what I would accomplish, but ended up going for about a month or two and just doing cardio because I didn’t know how to use it didn’t feel comfortable on other machines. Self-motivation is not a strong suit of mine, so I would go back to a sedentary lifestyle because it was comfortable. Then, I was talked into trying Harbor Park and found that having someone showing me the correct way to do things, correcting my movements when needed and holding me accountable was what I needed to make working out a part of my regular routine. Intertwined in this journey at Harbor Park was my introduction to Mat Pilates. I saw the benefits of strengthening my core in my CrossFit classes, but even more so in my day to day life!! The opportunity to get certified and share what I learned with others presented itself, so I grabbed it and have never regretted that decision!

Turning Point

My turning point came when I realized I was my worst enemy. I would let my anxiety and negative thoughts stop me from accomplishing my goals to live a healthier lifestyle. I stopped listening to those negative thoughts and allowed myself to learn from the people around me at the gym…my FitFam of like minded individuals who were showing up regularly to meet their healthy lifestyle goals. I realized that I could manage my anxiety and stress by showing up and giving my best at that moment.

Motivation & Passion

My passion with coaching comes from the people that come to my classes. Seeing them show up and give their best at that moment and as those moments build, seeing their reaction when they accomplish even the smallest of goals. That is what keeps me coming back with enthusiasm and creativity.

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