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Tyler Nelson

Coach & Media Manager


Coaching Masters Athletes Certificate

About Coach

I started CrossFit in February of 2021. I always loved watching the games on TV and would try a workout here and there but was never consistent with working out. Once I came to Harbor Park I found the success I’ve been looking for. It became my favorite hobby and now has morphed into the best job I could ask for.

Turning Point

Fitness for me has helped with more than just physical health, but my mental health as well. CrossFit is great for those with anxiety and depression because no matter what tricks your mind is playing on you, you can check something hard off a mental list just by showing up to class and giving some effort. The mental and physical benefits of doing this daily have been huge for me and I love see the same effects in our members

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching involves seeing peoples lives get changed. Seeing members hit goals that they didn’t think were possible, or lift weights that they thought they were too old or too weak to lift. Goals met and improved quality of life is what motivates me to coach.

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